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Watch the behind the scenes video below to see how Mariano Rivera experienced his own Play The Crowd NFT Factory!

App Features

Points & Rewards

The host can also interact with the crowd watching by rewarding the viewers with AR 3D items on their mobile phones. These items hold points and rewards that can be redeemed at participating locations.

Digital Storytelling

Keep users engaged with scripted stories that relate to the theme of your 3D world and build experiences that support the storyline. This also includes 3D character design

3D NFT Collectibles

Users can win or unlock 3D collectibles using points received from interacting with the 3D world. Exclusive 3D Collectibles are also created, registered and verified as rare NFTs and accrue in value as buyers interact with it.

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Get scanned to start your own 3D Event


3D World Live Stream

Live stream a motion capture video with your 3D character, developed from your scan.Gift your viewers 3D items while they watch.


3D World Open Run

Allow your event goers to access your 3D World. They will be able to run through your 3D World and collect coins


3D World Weekend

Coins gathered throughout the week will unlock special game play on the weekends. All guests can join in multiplayer environments